Life moves... Always... Sometimes a little too fast.

It's my job to capture just a few glimpses of it for you so that 5, 10, 30 years from now you can remember every detail of your brand new baby's face or look back on the time your toddler refused to wear anything but the color red. And you can smile. I wish I could put into words the beauty and wonder captured in everyday life, but I can't. And so I take a picture.

On a deserted island, I'd go crazy without my two wild, sweet boys, my devoted husband, a cup of Chick-fil-A sweet tea, and my loving, gracious Lord Jesus Christ. Live in the same southern Georgia town I was born in but love to travel and explore the world. Love a rich colorful sunset and chase the sun for most every session I do.

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Baby Eloise

Josey did an excellent job photographing our family and we will forever cherish the pictures we received. She was very professional and was easy to talk to and work with. She made us feel comfortable the entire time and was so great and patient working with our two month old baby. She captured our precious little one so perfectly and really made this mama’s heart happy, so I definitely recommend Josey Jones Photography to anyone looking to get beautiful pictures made.

Thank you Josey! ❤️

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